How you can start:

How do I start?
1. Sign up Here
2. Head over to "View Available Offers" and get started on surveys to earn the points.
3. You trade your points for what ever you want off of the internet. As long as you have enough points ^.^


Tips and Information:

  • Well, when you sign up make sure you have your real information on the website. So whatever you order can be emailed to you or sent to your address. But when doing surveys, REMEMBER: YOU CAN USE FAKE INFORMATION WHEN DOING SURVEYS, UNLESS IT SPECIFICALLY SAYS YOU CAN'T. Just use your junk-mail email address (if you don't have one, make one so all the spam will be sent to it), and use fake information for the rest of the fields.
  • It can take a while for some surveys to credit you, but most likely they'll tell you. Most of the surveys are instant, but some require you to wait a day or so. But there are more than enough surveys that credit you instantly, if you're in a hurry.
  • I repeat, use fake information in surveys unless it is said that you shouldn't.
  • 1 point is equal to 1 US dollar. So when custom ordering something, you have to have the amount of points necessary to pay for the total, unless it can be bought directly off the website, in which case it would be cheaper.
  • You can pretty much custom order anything.
  • Most of the MMORPG game cards (gpotatos, nexon cash card, ultimate game cards etc....) can be ordered from the site already for 15 points or less for most of them.
To Order:
  • For Example: If you want to Order Gpotatoes, you can go to the "View Available Prizes" link on the left of the page. Go to "Online Games" and on the 4th page, you'll see "$15 GPotato Game Card" for 15 points. Just click "Click Here to claim this prize" and it should be Emailed to you within 3 days or less.


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